SVG generator for subtle or not-so-subtle noise textures

about nnnoise

This SVG generator tool allows you to quickly and easily create noise textures to use in your web designs via CSS background images. The generated textures are great to add a subtle organic feel to the background color of elements on a page or to a whole page. For example, instead of having a solid-colored background, you could generate a very subtle SVG texture using this tool for a more organic feel.

To use the generated textures, simply add something like this to your CSS:

body { background-image: url('/nnnoise.svg'); }

For tiling the texture as a background in CSS you probably don't need to do anything more since the CSS initial value for background-repeat is repeat. If for some reason the background is not tiling, just make sure to set background-repeat to repeat. The sizing of the background should also be automatic and you won't need to set background-size.

You can use an online tool like Squoosh to convert the SVG textures as optimized PNGs or JPEGs, if you need the textures in a different format.

This tool makes use of SVG filters to accomplish the effect, especially the feTurbulence and feSpecularLighting filters. If this is over your head, no worries, as you don't need to understand the underlining details to make use of these textures. If you are interested in geeking out however, here some more reading material about SVG filters. Here's also a great tool to play with SVG filters.

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