support chart for popular CSS & web platform features

βœ… Chart of CSS & web platform feature support in evergreen browsers

πŸ“ˆ Keep track of which popular CSS, HTML and overall web platform features are ready to be used across the board when targeting evergreen browsers. For more support details of each of the features, I recommend you refer to Can I Use.

As of the last update to this page, the latest evergreen browser versions are Firefox v94, Safari v15.1, Chrome v96, Edge v95

πŸ’š Full support in evergreen browsers

Let's start with the good stuff, the features that are now fully supported across all evergreen browsers.

β†’ gap

(for both flexbox & grid layout)

β†’ async, defer

(attribute for external scripts)

β†’ type="module"

(attribute to load scripts as ES6 modules)

πŸ’› Good support in evergreen browsers

These features are supported for the most part, while some browsers have partial support or no support. (looking at you, Safari πŸ‘€)

β†’ Web Components

Some features not supported in Safari

β†’ WebP

no support in Safari for macOS versions earlier than Big Sur

β†’ clip-path

full support in Firefox, partial support elsewhere

β†’ accent-color

no Safari support, degrades nicely

β†’ SVG Favicons

no Safari support

β†’ backdrop-filter

Firefox support behind flag, prefixed support in Safari

β†’ loading="lazy"

Firefox support for images only, Safari needs to be enabled

β†’ Fullscreen API

Partial support in Safari

β†’ text-decoration style

Partial support, and prefixed partial support on Safari for iOS

πŸ’” Poor support in current browsers

These features are either still experimental or just generally poorly supported. This list is not exhaustive and feel free to submit additional features here .

β†’ AVIF

no Edge or Safari support

β†’ PWAs (Add to Home Screen)

no Safari or Firefox support

β†’ motion-path

experimental, no Safari support

β†’ font-smooth

non-standard, prefixed support

β†’ initial-letter

support in Safari only

β†’ background-clip: text

full Firefox support, prefixed support elsewhere

β†’ CSS Masks

full Firefox support, partial support elsewhere

β†’ Subgrid

Firefox support only

β†’ Scrollbar styling

Only partial support

β†’ Small, large and dynamic viewport units

Support only in Safari technology preview

β†’ Web MIDI API

no Safari or Firefox support

β†’ lch()

Safari support only

β†’ lab()

Safari support only

β†’ CSS Container Queries

Available in Chrome/Edge under a flag

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