SVG generator for smooth & organic lines/strokes

start by drawing 2 or more points ↷

when you're happy, click the llline button ↷

tweak it using the control buttons ↷

Some sample SVG lines created using this tool ↷

example SVG line 1 example SVG line 2 example SVG line 3 example SVG line 4 example SVG line 5 example SVG line 6 example SVG line 7 example SVG line 8 example SVG line 9 example SVG line 10

about llline

To go along with its sister tool, ssshape, this tool focuses on making it easy to generate smooth and organic-looking SVG lines/strokes in the browser.

Modern designs on the web often call for graphics that look and feel organic and fun. This tool helps create such graphic elements in just a few clicks, allowing you to add a few points to a canvas and then draw a smooth curve using these points. You can then tweak the resulting SVG graphic by rotating it, changing its color, giving it a gradient, making it a dashed line,...

When you're happy with the result, just download the SVG file or copy the SVG markup to use in your designs right away.

This tool is made possible thanks to SVG.js and George Francis' generative-utils library.

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